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mckc group is an extraordinary group of individuals with expertise, imagination, and strong work ethic who believe in exceeding their client’s expectations. Our promise is to deliver an exceptional product, on time, and within budget.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Matt Kruse, Partner

Matt founded mckc group because he believes businesses deserve to have high quality, beautiful websites and branding for an affordable price. With the ever growing digital age and accessibility of the Internet, a company’s brand is the first impression a customer gets when they’re doing their research.

Matt believes that clear communication throughout the creative process is absolutely necessary to the delivery of a meaningful branding and marketing strategy. His interaction with clients is direct and honest, yielding a trusted business relationship.

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Jonathan Braden, Partner

Jonathan lives with the theory that a web shop should take the utmost advantage of the medium and not be tied to one location. On any given day, Jonathan can be where the coffee’s the freshest or where the sun the brightest. Through tools like Skype, Jonathan can be face-to-face with clients anywhere in the world.

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